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    The Refined HVAC team is part of the energy saving / green movement.   B.C. is currently transitioning away from fossil fuels towards heat pumps, and Refined Hvac team is here to help! The governments Clean B.C. program has a lot of rebates availiable to help homeowner transition to a cleaner more efficient heating source. Check out the latest rebates at







Heat Pump Energy

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Heat Pump Hot Water Tank

Ductless Mini Split

Carrier Ductless mini splits are a great option when upgrading from electric baseboards, multifamily homes, and any type of renovations. Mini splits are quiet, efficient and will heat plus cool. These systems come in a standard single zone system, or in a multizone system with up to 4 indoor untis. Carrier invented air conditioning, and they are still leading the industry to this day!

Ducted Heat Pumps

For homes with duct work, a Carrier Infinity heating and cooling system is one of the best systems on the market! From its ipad like thermostat to the variable indoor fan and outdoor compressor in the heat pump, these systems are truly quiet, efficient and amazing! Carrier invented air conditioning, and they continue to be leaders in the industry to this day!

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