• Refined Commercial Maintenance

  • At Refined HVAC Ltd, we specialize in HVAC / Electrical Maintenance Plans. Our goal is to refine your equipment for optimal efficiency, less down time without affecting your bottom line. Break down maintenance is very costly, where as regular maintenance will save a lot of money in the long term while preventing much unwanted down time. Most down time and major service calls can be avoided with a good preventative maintenance plan. 

    We take pride in the equipment we look after by doing a full HVAC / Electrical assessment on our first maintenance with each new client. We then update this assessment each year keeping us and our client organized and informed with the state and currentcondition of all equipment being serviced. 

    Once in an HVAC / Electrical Maintenance Contract with Refined HVAC,any repairs or service calls performed by RefinedHVAC will be at a much cheaper client rate.

  • Orchard Park Mall Roof Map

    This is an example of a mall roof top map. This mall had over 170 roof top units and we organized them into 8 Filter Zones. We also added where electrical sockets, water, roof hatches, ext to make any technicians that come to site jobs easier. 

  • Warehouse Map

    An example of a colour coded warehouse map.